The Subtle Mysteries of Place


Brett Walker, a disillusioned artist from San Francisco, disappears into the remote rainforests of Costa Rica. Brett is attempting to salvage the values of his past, a time dedicated to doing right by others and nature. With help from Elexa, the strong-willed Costa Rican woman who takes his mind off Johni (his estranged girlfriend back home), and Marcos, a campesino who demonstrates the true meaning of friendship and sacrifice, Brett buys a large parcel of threatened rainforest. He proceeds to navigate unfamiliar geographic and emotional terrain as he defends his land against those eager to slaughter the ancient trees for profit. Had he known what awaited him in the forest—principally, Mono Feo, the local lumber mill owner who is prepared to use arson, machetes and witchcraft to gain control of Brett’s land—he might never have left home.​

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